Northrara Copy Paste Keyboard

Northrara Copy Paste Keyboard


Northrara Copy Paste Keyboard

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    Windows or Mac compatible
    Win (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V)
    Mac (Cmd+C, Cmd+V) 
    • Plug-n-Play, no software needed
    • Mechanical keys, Laser etched 
    • 6.5ft flat USB cable usb
    • The original Copy Keyboard without LEDs in white
    How do you wash it? Is it machine washable?

    Do NOT submerge it in water. Clean it with a cloth and soap. Be careful to not get any water in the switch or the power plug. It is NOT machine washable.

    What surfaces is it safe to use?
    Wood, granite, and solid countertops. The extra thick bottom layer absorbs the heat of the pot, and will need some space for ventilation. Avoid areas where the pot can fall over. Please read the instructions for more info before use.
    How many people can it serve?

    The pot is ideal for 1-2 people. With a diameter of 7.08 inch and a depth of 5.12 inch, this electric pot ensure you plenty of space to cook ramen, hot pot, sauté and stir-fry. This frying pan has a long handle design to ensure comfortable grip when picking up the cooker, make frying and cleaning easier.

    Will the handle get hot?

    Unlike traditional pots, you can touch the handle without burning yourself or needing a rag.

    Will I receive a confirmation number?

    Yes, all customers will receive a confirmation number in the email they provide during checkout.

    Can I change or cancel my order?
    As we aim to process orders as fast as possible, you must request any changes/cancellations within 12 hours of ordering. All requests after this time will be denied. Your order can be returned for a full refund after it is received.
    Where is your company located?
    Our headquarters is in the US, while our warehouses are located across the United States, Europe, and China.
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